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Oct 26, 2004
Outside Magazine

Jon Krakauer survives Everest; Sebastian Junger gets lost in the desert, Hampton Sides has a chat with Lance Armstrong; Ian Frazier profiles the world's wiliest mushroom hunter; Mark Jenkins does it The Hard Way; Tim Cahill travels with bandits; Bruce Barcott tracks a Native American artifacts smuggler, Kevin Fedarko spends two months at the world's highest battleground. Reach into the archives and revisit ten years of Outside's a-list hard at work in the far reaches of the world. Just don't get lost in here.

Bruce Barcott
The Killing Bones
Eric Rudolph Slept Here
Last Flight Out

Bill Bryson
The (Seriously, Truly, Very) Fatal Shore
You Gotta Have Friends. Which is Damned Unfortunate.

Tim Cahill
Everybody Loves the Assassins
Life's a Wild Trip, Floating the Mighty Free and Easy
Giants in the Earth

Daniel Coyle
The First Law of Gravity
Balloonatics Speed

Kevin Fedarko
The Coldest War
The House of Rock
The Mountain of Mountains

Ian Frazier
Crunch Time
Things That Go Bump in the Wild
Terminal Ice
It's Hard to Eat Just One

Bill Gifford
Racing for the Hell of It
Mountain Grown
Gate Crasher

Mark Jenkins
The Hard Way
The Ghost Road
Switzerland: The Haute Route
The Unguided Route

Sebastian Junger
The Whale Hunters
See You in Six Months: Falling off the Edge
Going to the Source

Garrison Keillor
Sin in the Wild Outdoors: Envy
Boots That Fight Cool-Guy Conformity

John Krakauer

Peter Matthiesson
Footprints in the Last Wild Place
Burning Bright

Susan Orlean
It Sweats. It Oozes. It's Crazy with Life

Bob Shacochis
Code Orange
Kingdoms in the Air
Near Wild Heaven

Hampton Sides
The Birdman Drops In

Jane Smiley
What Scares Me
River Impossible

Rob Story
Climb Every Mole Hill
The Gulch Club
Life Isn't Fair

Patrick Symmes
River Impossible
Blood Wood
The Ghost of Shipwrecks Future

Bill Vaughn
To Hell and Back
Birds on a Wire
Montana, The Dry Run

Brad Wetzler
Ski Naked
Reinhold Don't Care What You Think
Is Just Like Amerika!

Randy Wayne White
Without a Trace

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