Tim Cahill

Oct 26, 2004
Outside Magazine

Editor at Large Tim Cahill is a founding editor of Outside and for years wrote the "Out There" column. The travel adventure writer knows no limits when it comes to picking his assignments: he's gotten up-close with great white sharks, sailed in 30-below-zero Antarctic weather, and trekked through Death Valley on a grueling summer day. Cahill's books include Road Fever, Jaguars Ripped My Flesh, and A Wolverine Is Eating My Leg. His work has appeared in Esquire, National Geographic Adventure, the New York Times Book Review, and other national publications. He won a National Magazine Award in 2003, the same year he received a Lowell Thomas Gold Award from the Society of American Travel Writers. He also co-authored the Academy Award nominated documentary, The Living Sea. Cahill lives in Montana, in the shadow of the Crazy Mountains.

Everybody Loves the Assassins
Set loose in the land that invented terrorism ten centuries ago, Tim Cahill finds crumbling castles, legends of hash-smoking hit men, and Iranians who won't stop being nice. You call this the axis of evil?

Life's a Wild Trip
Exotic Places Made Me Do It

Floating the Mighty Free and Easy
A Flotilla of Stouthearted Men and Women Confronts Hissing Snakes, Weird Rocks, Flat Water, and the Greatest Mud in the West; or, What I did on My Summer Vacation

Excuse Me Waiter, But Is That a Penis in My Wine?
Deck: After being forced to stomach snake-blood cocktails and rooster-head soup, one afflicted traveler discovers that revenge is a dish best served by Norwegians

World Without End, Amen
When you're baffled by bad beginnings, stymied by the unteachable, and running from impending doom, you'd better head for the hills

Giants in the Earth
Times were good in Castle, with full employment and a booming economy. But it only took 72 hours to send prosperity down Main Street and into oblivion.

Murder Most Fish
They call him Flipperùbut America's newspaper of record calls him a warm-blooded Ripper. Our man investigates.

Terror Unlimited
You have nothing to fear except falling, suffocating, heart failure, personal extinction, and, of course, fear itself

A Lethal Dose of Salvation
Plutonium was born to kill at the Hanford Site, but its birthplace gave life to a perfect stretch of river

This Teeming Ark
Expelled from their forested Eden, man and beast drift downriver under the spell of a charming, unreliable deity

Butch Cassidy Meets the Penguin
A comic tale, right? Not in Patagonia, where legends die hard.

Gallumphing Towards Punta Norte
Random thoughts of violence from our man in Argentina

The Entranced Duck Always Gets the Laugh
Adrift in Bali, quacking against the current of time

What About Atlatl Bob?
He's named for a Stone Age weapon. He may be nuts as a bunny. But sometimes it's nice to have a Neanderthal at your side.

Ode to a Buck-Naked Cowboy
Is there poetry—or adventure—to be found among the silver sage, flat tires, and unlikely characters of the Black Rock Desert? Maybe.

Shed His Grace on Me
A bit of praise for life's wonders. Like forgiveness, redemption, and canine flatulence

Here, Sharky, Sharky
n the seas off South Africa's Dyer Island, shark mania and risk adventure have combined with a vengeance. For a few bucks, one of a gang of ill-qualified, ill-equipped dive operators will drop you into the most dangerous water on earth. Problem is, no one's promising to get you safely back.

Out There: Lord of the Flies
And the bees and the wasps and all the other biting bastards that walk upon the earth

Out There: Getting Up Again
What you do when the bottom drops out of your world

Out There: One Hundred Yards of Solitude
The truly personal places are where you decide to find them. So ignore that speeding ferry.

Out There: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Pot
In Maya Ortiz, achieving the good life requires a guy like Rick, bachelor and entrepreneur

Out There: The Platypus Prophecy
Stumbling through the Australian night and, God help him, straight into the Meaning of Life

Out There: OK Gorillas, No Belching During the Pledge of Allegiance
Bringing a little jungle indoors, to a fresh generation of primatologists

Out There: I Have a Scheme
Attention charlatans, con men, mountebanks, and swindlers: Here's Tim!

It had been said that no outsider would ever see the legendary salt mines of Mali and live to describe them; ever slip into the Caravan of White Gold, evade the slaughtering bandits, suffer the killing storms, and lay eyes upon the nightmarish landscape of 1,000 pits gouged by hand from the Saharan plain. Phooey.

A Good Hair Week in Mongolia
After years of government oppression, the country that gave us Genghis Khan, the Attilla the Hun Show, and possibly the first Americans is rolling out the welcome mat. On an archaeological tress-hunt in the land of beneficent horsemen.

A Darkness on the River
What the son found in the Peruvian jungle was a terrible truth. What his father found there months later was a way to begin again.

The Zen of Apnea, the Ennui of Chub
Breathlessly beside myself at the world spearfishing championships

Cowboy Nation: King of the Yee-Hah
He knows everything there is to know about life in the saddle. Catch him at a 100-mph gallop, and he'll tell you all about it.

Cowboy Nation: The Song Man: Sagebrush Troubadour
Every culture has its musical spokesman. For cowpeople, it's Ian Tyson.

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