Kevin Fedarko

Oct 26, 2004
Outside Magazine
Kevin Fedarko

Kevin Fedarko

Kevin Fedarko is a former Senior editor at Outside. Since turning exclusively to writing, he's learned a thing or two about reporting from high altitudes. In 2003, Outside sent Fedarko to report on the highest battleground on earth-the 21,000-foot peaks above the Siachen Glacier where the India/Pakistan feud is at its worst. In April, Outside sent him climbing again, this time in Jackson, Wyoming, to shadow elite Exum climber Chris Morris. Fedarko lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Coldest War
High in the Karakoram, the stubborn armies of India and Pakistan have faced off for 19 years on the Siachen Glacier, the world's highest battleground and a flash point in the deadly dispute over Kashmir. In this exclusive report, an American writer and photographer spend two months inside the ultimate no-man's-land, witnessing the human and environmental devastation of a conflict without end.

The House of Rock
Help Wanted: Exum Mountain Guides, the country's premier climbing service, is looking for supremely talented alpinists with world-class résumés for seasonal work in the Tetons. Must be willing to follow in the footsteps of legends. If qualified, don't bother calling. We'll find you.

The Mountain of Mountains
How do you crack the code to K2, the darkest, deadliest peak on the planet? If you're a climber, have the courage to accept that you're bound to fail, and the wisdom to know that failure has its own rewards.

In the Valley of Shadow
Surrounded by a staggering array of hazardous waste, toxic emissions, chemical pollutants, and lethal military experimentation, the Goshute tribe of Utah decided to do the logical thing and offer up its reservation as a dump for 40,000 metric tons of highly radioactive nuclear fuel. The neighbors are very upset.

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