Ian Frazier

Oct 26, 2004
Outside Magazine

Contributing Editor Ian Frazier's books including On the Rez, Great Plains, Coyote v. Acme, and most recently, Fish's Eye. The former New Yorker staff writer grew up in Ohio and in 1977 graduated from Harvard, where he wrote for the Lampoon. Frazier's work has also appeared in The Atlantic, The Washington Post Magazine, and other publications. He lives in Montclair, New Jersey.

Outside's Guilty Pleasures
Crunch Time: When critters are getting eaten, I'll be there

Things That Go Bump in the Wild
Sure, the wilderness is beautiful. But it can also frighten you out of your mind.

Terminal Ice
Hot enough for you? Yeah, us too. Go to the bottom of the planet-or the top-and you can't miss the warning signs of a warm apocalypse. And at the heart of the mystery, like broken shards of a colder climate, float the icebergs, ghost-white messengers trying to tell us something we can't quite fathom.

It's Hard to Eat Just One
A brief and crunchy defense of entomophagy

Keeping America's Trees Safe From Small-Curd Bubble Wrap
Down the postflood Mississippi, beating the bushes for the mother lode of trash

The Hard Sell - On New York City

The Ideas Toward a Larger Life
The List

The Indoor Guy
Idea of myself as a person who never came inside....

Catching Monsters After Dark
Sometimes you just have to escape into the night, where unpredictable rendezvous and things that bite await you

"Trust Me. In These Parts, Hot Dogs Actually Repel Bears."
Let us now celebrate one of our most bountiful outdoor resources: bad advice. And if you listen carefully and act right away, it's absolutely free!

Our Business is People. Well, People and Trout.
Actually, People and Trout and Some Ancillary High-Margin Items Like Neoprene Waders and Midges and the Like, Because, You Know, That's Where the Real Profits Are. Welcome to Pools and Riffles outfitters, where the guides are as unique as the service.

Does the Mushroom Love Its Plucker?
Or does it loathe that enraptured human touch? An earthy tale of fungal romance, fully consummated.

A Lovely Sort of Lower Purpose
In praise of doing nothing. To wit: No racing, no exceeding, no catch-and-releasing. Just time-tested fooling around

I See a Little Silhouetto of a Man, (SCARAMOUCHE, SCARAMOUCHE, Will you do the FANDANGO?)
And other lofty ideas that pop into one's head and refuse to leave

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