Bill Gifford

Oct 26, 2004
Outside Magazine
Bill Gifford

Bill Gifford

A native of Washington, D.C., Outside Correspondent Bill Gifford learned to love the outdoors while an undergraduate at Dartmouth College. He has been writing for Outside since 1990, and his work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Bicycling, Men's Health, The Washington Post, Men's Journal, and Slate. In 1991 he was nominated for a Personal Service National Magazine Award, along with the editors of Outside for "Inside the Environmental Groups" featured in the September 1990 issue. He lives in Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania.

Racing for the Hell of It
Nothing comes easy for the riders of the TOUR DU FASO, West Africa's tortuous answer to the Tour de France. Their bikes are beaters, the heat is infernal, la dysenterie is inevitable, and every year the locals get shown up by European interlopers looking to find an exotic thrill. But for Jérémie Ouedraogo and his teammates-proud citizens of the fourth-poorest country on earth-the only way out is to break away.

Mountain Grown
Victor Hugo Peña grinds for U.S. Postal and Lance, but make no mistake: Ultimately he pedals for the pride of his country, the violent and tumultuous Andean nation of Colombia

Gate Crasher
Bode Miller has everything you could want in a World Cup ski racer. He's fast, fearless, and frequently out of control. He can drink like a sailor and swear like a snowboarder, and he's got the talent to take it all from those grim Austrian cyborgs. Most amazing, he's American. Can we make this guy a hero already?

Is This Any Way to Make a Living?
With $100,000 for the winners, the world's most relentless teams, and a 138,000-vertical-foot Rocky Mountain course, the Subaru Primal Quest seemed poised to give big-time adventure racing a smashing return to U.S. soil. But then the race began-and all hell broke loose. A front-line report from the wildest, bumpiest game in the wilderness.

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