Garrison Keilor

Oct 26, 2004
Outside Magazine

A fixture of Midwestern wit and humor for over 30 years, Garrison Keillor has contributed articles to Outside on the virtues of warm boots and the appeal of the outdoor life. Born in Anoka, Minnesota, in 1942 and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Keillor has spent most of his professional life on the radio. His live music and drama show, "A Prairie Home Companion," celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2004, and is heard by four million listeners each Saturday night on over 558 public radio stations. Keillor is the author of numerous novels and essays that draw heavily from his Midwestern roots, including his most recent book on politics, Homegrown Democrat (2004). He also writes regularly for Time,, and The New Yorker, where he began his writing career in the mid-1970s. Keillor is most famous for stories about his fictionalized Minnesota hometown, Lake Woebegon, whose residents embody America's quirky rural values. At the conclusion of each broadcast of "A Prairie Home Companion," Keillor launches into the "News from Lake Woebegon," a rambling monologue on the lives of the town's stoic, phlegmatic families that regular listeners know like their neighbors.

Sin in the Great Outdoors

Boots That Fight Cool-Guy Conformity
A new pair of Sorels is for clomping and surviving and kicking stupid people, says our man from Minnesota

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