Patrick Symmes

Nov 30, 2004
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Patrick Symmes

Patrick Symmes   

Contributing Editor Patrick Symmes has reported in recent years from Afghanistan, Mongolia, Cuba, and many parts of South America. He has traveled amongst Maoist insurgents in Nepal, profiled gangs in Brazil specializes in profiles of guerrilla groups and criminal gangs. Symmes is the author of Chasing Che: A Motorcycle Journey Through the Guevara Legend, an account of a 12,000-mile ride across South America, retracing the journeys and guerrilla campaigns of Che Guevara. Two essays on Patagonia and Afghanistan were selected for the current "Best American Travel Writing 2004." He also writes frequently for GQ and Conde Nast Traveler.

The Kabul Express
In the sixties and seventies it was the hippie trail that brought foreigners to Afghanistan. Two decades of war and terror later, Kabul is a nonstop rave of C-130s, NGOs, soldiers, and spooky nation-builders. The freaks are back on Chicken Street-where everything old is new again

River Impossible
Everybody loves the Klamath. Everybody wants a piece of it. And they're willing to go to war to get it.

Blood Wood
Remember the rainforest? Fourteen years after the martyrdom of Brazilian activist Chico Mendes, environmentalists are once again being murdered, while illegal logging pushes deeper into the world's last great tropical jungle. In this investigative report, Patrick Symmes follows the money, the mahogany, and the mafias-and goes underground to join a brave new eco-crusader with a price on his head.

The Ghost of Shipwrecks Future
Diving on lost ships is one thing. Exploring the boat that shadowed your life is a murkier adventure entirely.

The Last Days of the Mountain Kingdom
Dateline: Nepal, 2001. The royal family has been murdered. Maoist guerrillas prowl the countryside, fomenting agrarian revolution. Kathmandu has succumbed to general strikes and indiscriminate bombings. And everybody's got his own pet conspiracy theory. Is this in the Himalayas, or the next Asian apocalypse in the making?

Sheiks and Freaks
The rise and fall and exile and triumphant possible return of Rod of Massachusetts to the battle-torn bedouin Kingdom of Dahab

Chasing Mackenzie's Ghost
According to legend, New Zealand's South Island was formed when the dawn froze 150 shipwrecked gods into mountains. There are worse places to spend eternity.

From the Wonderful People Who Brought You the Killing Fields
Never mind the land mines, the kidnappings, the chaotic weirdness. When the henchmen of Cambodia throw down the welcome mat for tourism, the neighborly thing to do is come calling.

Remember, Fear Is Your Friend
And other strategies gleaned from a hike through Yellowstone's grizzly alley

After 9/11: The Rescue
Unnatural Disaster

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