Bill Vaughn

Nov 30, 2004
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Bill Vaughn

Bill Vaughn

Contributing Editor Bill Vaughn's Outside feature "Skating Home Backward," was nominated for a National Magazine Award in 2000 and was featured in that 2001's The Best American Magazine Writing for 2001. Vaughn is the author of First a Little Chee-Chee Then Some Other Extremely Odd Sports, a collection of essays where he windsurfs on railroad tracks and plays golf along the Lewis and Clark Trail. Vaughn lives in Montana.

A Jug of Wine (More Jugs of Wine) et Moi
Can extreme pleasure and adventure coexist? Yeah, baby! Hop on a bike for a long, winding tour through the gourmet sweet spots of southern France.

To Hell and Back
Don't cry for L.M. Nesbitt. (OK, maybe cry a little.)

Raising North Dakota
Horrible winters. A dwindling, aging population. Abandoned farms reverting to prairie grass. Perfect, says our writer

Birds on a Wire
Sex. Danger. Family values. This backyard soap opera has it all-plus feathers, razor-sharp talons, and a neighborhood obsessed

Montana, The Dry Run
Liquid Louie's was fun, but still no match for the impossibly blue horizon

How The West Was Bogeyed
One word said it all about how Lewis and Clark had moved him: FORE!

Lumber Whack
The sweet science of chopping a huge tower of wood

Survive This!
Rejected-twice!-by the people behind the phony "reality-based" TV adventure show, our vengeful writer pays a surprise visit to Survivor's Island shoot to wreak some authentic havoc.

Skating Home Backward
How one man transformed vile, polluted, dank little swamp into the perfect glassy ice pond. A Wetland Restoration Comedy.

Travel: Calling All Cashonauts
Outer space is within your reach - if you have $98,000 of the right stuff

If We Told You, It Wouldn't Be a Secret, Would It?
A rather silly journey in search of a very special place

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