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Jan 2, 2009
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Adventure and Environment

AdventureWe wish someone covered high-profile expeditions the way once covered climbing projects. (The site shut down in October and was for sale at press time.) For now, your best bets are, which post frequent—but not necessarily verified—updates during theHimalayan climbing season and, which also covers polar and oceanic endeavors. offers briefs on expeditions, research projects, and adventures around the world.

EnvironmentOur Code Green columnist prefers for up-to-the-minute eco-news and commentary (with a sense of humor), although she geeks out daily on, a sustainable business blog edited by clean-tech wiz Joel Makower, and, by New York Times environmental reporter Andrew Revkin, for the smartest analysis of environmental stories. For less wonky enviro (and cultural, political, and lifestyle) news about the Rocky Mountain West, we love Join for roadside bicycle assistance and discounts of hybrid car rentals—it’s a green version of AAA. And,lastly, is packed with tips on eco-smart living, eating, and building.

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