Power Stroke

Sit-Up, Push-Up, and Stiff-Legged Dead Lift

Jul 1, 2004
Outside Magazine

Illustration by Tomer Hanuka

Illustration by Tomer Hanuka

Lie on your back, arms crossed at your chest, legs bent, and feet flat on the floor. Curl your torso up toward your knees until it's perpendicular to the floor. Slowly lower yourself back down.

Lie facedown, with your hands, palms down, at the sides of your chest. Keeping your legs, hips, torso, and head in a straight plane, push your body off the floor. Lower yourself back down until your chest barely touches the floor. Repeat.

Bend over with your back slightly arched and your knees straight until your back is parallel to the floor. Grab a light barbell. Slowly lift yourself back up, then lower the weight to the ground. Repeat.

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