Laptop: Sony Vaio P

Feb 17, 2010
Outside Magazine
Laptop: Sony Vaio P

BEST FOR: Backpackers
Like packing the abso¬≠lute minimum? SONY's VAIO P (from $900; weighs just 1.4 pounds and is a little larger than a page of our magazine folded in half. It falls somewhere between a cell phone and a netbook, but it crams in the best features of both, like 3G and Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth, 2GB of RAM, and full-power software. The drawbacks: a narrow, hunch-inducing eight-inch widescreen, a 3.5-hour battery, and the price tag. But if you just want to surf the Web, type with MS Word, or send an e-mail in Outlook—and then stash it in your bag—you can't beat it.

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