Great Strides

Jul 1, 2003
Outside Magazine

With a stiff plastic shank tucked into the midsole, SAUCONY's GRID VISION is as sturdy as a Hummer. But this 13.4-ounce rig also feels fast. That responsiveness comes courtesy of the shoe's fusion-welded upper, which optimizes each stride by cutting wasteful lateral movement, a godsend for big runners. Springier EVA in the toe shoots you out of each step, and triangular lugs on the outsole deliver the best wet-road traction of any shoe we tested. ($130; 800-365-7282,

To borrow a line from Howlin' Wolf, the ASICS GEL-CREDD PLUS is built for comfort, not speed. On an hour-plus jaunt, I really appreciated the gel pods under the heel and ball of the foot—not to mention the forefoot cradle, which combines a supportive arch and lateral grooves in the front of the outsole. This improves takeoff while preventing injurious ankle rolling. Another fave of mine: a cutout for the Achilles tendon, with foam that molds to your ankle as this 12.5-ounce luxury cruiser heats up. ($110; 800-678-9435,

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