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Mar 1, 2003
Outside Magazine

From the nutraceutical frontier comes a new trick: Kitsune's Extreme Energy Herbal Infusion Lozenges. Company founder and personal trainer Stefan Fox calls his NUTRIENT-DELIVERY METHOD a "time-release or drip system." Instead of flushing the bloodstream with a liquid supplement, each lozenge releases its payload over 20 minutes. Kitsune offers four flavors: one with ginger, ginseng, and a touch of cinnamon; another with more cinnamon than ginger; a caffeine-suffused lozenge with guarana and gotu kola; and finally, one packed with echinacea and mint to ward off illness. For his next trick, Fox, who has trained a slew of Canadian triathletes and pro hockey players, has set his sights on a chewing gum with a twist: Instead of your bad breath, it'll kill your pain, all naturally.

514-484-9606,; $1.35 per packet of six lozenges

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