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Dec 1, 2004
Outside Magazine

Roaming + (Nazraeli Press, $65)
Todd Hido's acclaimed 2001 debut, House Hunting, was a collection of haunting long exposures of suburban dwellings at night. Now the Bay Area photographer takes to the country with a series of seductive, darkly lit color photographs, most taken through the windows of a moving car. In each masterly print, behind the blurring of rain or wiper-blade tracks, a mysterious presence seems to be lurking—a glowing streetlight in the fog, a motel sign, or some imminent, unnamed threat—ready to tell its story if someone will take heed. Hido does.—Will Palmer
Surf Book + (Channel Photographics, $65)
When six-time U.S. Open surfing champion Joel Tudor set out to produce a book about the living legends of his sport, he had no trouble picking his subjects. What he needed was a photographer who shared his vision—and he found one in New York–based portrait photographer Michael Halsband. The two visited breaks around the world to shoot the portraits collected in Surf Book, a sumptuous, inspiring homage to greats like Kelly Slater and the Irons brothers, plus dozens of lesser-known stars, that makes you want to chuck it all for a life on the circuit.—Christine Cyr

Passage + (Harry N. Abrams, $60)
British artist Andy Goldsworthy takes objects you'd find on a typical hike (fallen leaves, flower petals, icicles) and uses them to create strangely beautiful outdoor sculptures, which he photographs before they melt or crumble. Check out his recent work—from leaf-wrapped branches floating in Massachusetts streams to egg-shaped sandstone cairns towering above Scottish farmlands—in his newest book, Passage. Or, if you missed it at your local art house in 2003, pick up German filmmaker Thomas Riedelsheimer's award-winning documentary Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time (Metropolis Films, $27), now on DVD.—Dianna Delling

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