Randy Wayne White

Nov 30, 2004
Outside Magazine

When Randy Wayne White published his first "Doc Ford" crime novel Sanibel Flats in 1990, the Denver Post described him as "a major new talent who has produced a virtually perfect piece of work." The American Independent Mystery Booksellers Association later honored his debut book as one of the "Hundred Favorite Mysteries of the 20th Century." Before taking up writing, White worked for 13 years as a tackle-fishing guide at Tarpon Bay Marina on Sanibel Island, Florida, eventually making more than 3,000 charter cruises. White's eleven novels featuring marine biologist Ford and his bumbling companions from Dinkin's Bay draw heavily from White's own saltwater experience. His skill at developing memorable characters and humorous dialogue has won him many fans. As an Editor at Large for Outside, White has authored more than 25 articles, taking on risky subjects like lightning stalkers and drug barons, but also sloshing through a cruise aboard the luxury ocean liner Queen Mary II for the October 2004 issue. An avid wind-surfer, White also motors his 21-Maverick flat boat in the waters surrounding the Florida home he shares with his golden retriever. His "Doc Ford" Website can be accessed here: http://rwwhite.com/

Outside's Guilty Pleasures
Fine Liner
A roughing-it guy gets fancy aboard the Queen Mary 2

Destinations: License to Chill
Anse Chastanet
This is jungle luxe

Without a Trace
Jeff Wandich learned a hard lesson from his tragedy at sea: Human nature doesn't allow people to vanish without a trace

Man Overboard
An unconventional eulogy for a most unconventional friend

The War of the Rosebuds
Downwardly mobile at the U.S. National Toboggan Championships

The tale of a certain gold relic that should have stayed in the ground

Out There
Down Under Kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan

Transcendental Perspiration
The road to the Little People starts with near-suffocation in a sweat lodge

Paradise Fouled
Year after year, it was a perfect, unchanging place. And then it wasn't

Tomato Wars
High noon in the garden of good and evil

People Are Strange...
The dos and don't-even-think-about-its of group travel

Croco%#@! Dundee
All across Australia, hapless wild beasts cry out: oh no, not him again!

Kahuna Come Lately
Call him a gorilla on Popsicle stick, but he's finally caught his wave

Above Suspicion
Touring foreign lands with fake credentials, an unflappable cohort, and a Cessna 182

Let There Be Light
It's the latest in evening wear, and the world will never be the same

Scavenging Angel
Following in the wake of drug lords, one maritime salvager attempts to make good from bad

Lean, Green, and Amazingly Serene
An ode to Moss Man, who after 28 days in a hot spring emerged a changed person

Dr. Pepper
For the seasoned traveler, the world is but a backdrop in the quest for the perfect chili

The Horse-Eater, I Presume?
In the blue holes of the Bahamas, a hungry leviathan lurks. Our man aimed to find it.

Out There: Taking the Red-Eye
For our misty frequent flier, what a long, strange 100 months it's been

Noriega Sat Here
Our man in Panama works the strange case of the generalisimo's purloined bar stools

And in This Corner, the Ghost of Ernest Hemingway
Battling history, or at least history's 80-year-old sparring partner

Sense and Sensibility
Those who know the thrill of a food chase wouldn't dare call this flyover country

The Man with the Iron Cast
Live from the glory holes of Colorado, where the angling is well above par

Embraced by the Strangler Fig
Cut loose with the world's most maddeningly optimistic adventurer

Out There: The Big Queasy
Feeling a touch of seasickness? Try giving conventional wisdom a heave.

No Comprendo! Yo Soy un Gringo Estupido!
For the linguistically impaired, a south-of-the-border survival guide

No More Curse of the Sheepherders
But why would such a wholesome nation want the America's Cup?

When Is a Sport Not a Sport?
In the telecentric world of the X Games, only when it's not on the tube

Spontaneous Consumption
Bahìa Magdalena was to be merely a pit stop. Then he met Paloma, Queen of Ceviche.

The Lightning Stalker Strikes Again
As an amp-anxious world cowers, David Stillings goes to work

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