Stocking Stuffers

Round it out in style

Nov 30, 2004
Outside Magazine

  1. Buck Tiburon Water Sports Knife ($72;
    The Tiburon is a knife, a chisel, a socket wrench—and the perfect gift for a paddler.
  2. Highgear AdventurePlus Tool ($20;
    This gizmo is really six tools in one, with a bright LED light, compass, thermometer, magnifying glass, signal mirror, and whistle.

  3. Petzl Tikka Plus LED Headlamp ($36;
    Four lights and four output settings make the Tikka Plus one of the most versatile headlamps on the planet.
  4. Snow Peak Titanium Spork ($9;
    It's a fork! It's a spoon! It weighs next to nothing and will make any camper happy!

  5. 180s Exolite Ear Warmers ($30;
    Designed for active use, the 180s fit behind the head and adjust to most sizes. More importantly, you won't look a dork sporting these stylin' earmuffs.
  6. Pocket Guide to Fly-Fishing Knots ($13;
    Fishing nut on your list? This handy guide ensures they're never tied in knots when trying to hook the big one.

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