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Dec 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
2004 Holiday Gift Guide

   Photo: Mark Wiens

(A) G3's BONESAW will carve out an avalanche test pit in a jiff—and handily slice up blocks of the white stuff for the neighborhood igloo party. $39; 866-924-9048, (B) Empty your kitchen-gadget drawer into the trash; all you need is the VICTORINOX SWISSTOOL SPIRIT. $70; 800-442-2706, (C) Liberate your wrist: The ORIS ARTELIER POCKET WATCH vanishes discreetly into its leather belt case. $825; 914-347-6747, (D) BAKODA's HOLY SMOKES snowboard multitool can help you make quick slopeside adjustments to bindings and, um, your attitude. $14; 206-762-2955, (E) Mix up some holiday cheer with OXO's sleek and modern—yet bargain-priced—COCKTAIL SHAKER. $25; 800-545-4411, (F) No self-respecting gent should venture out into the cold without some liquid warmth. Tote yours in SWAROVSKI's svelte leather-and-stainless SALUTE 101 flask. $277; 800-426-3089, (G) Is it time to really make an entrance? Crash the party Batman style, swinging from CMI-GEAR's GRAPPLING HOOK. $104; 800-247-5901, (H) At seven foot five from wheel to wheel, the SHIZZLE, from SHIZZLE BIKES, is a boardwalk Cadillac. $400; 877-744-9953,

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