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Dec 1, 2004
Outside Magazine

(A) With white ash frames and rawhide webbing, the MICHIGAN TRAPPERS, from IVERSON SNOWSHOE, are about as old-school as pow rackets can get. $140; 906-452-6370, (B) Rule the hills atop the ULTIMATE FLYER, a steerable snow rocket from MOUNTAIN BOY SLEDWORKS. $130; 970-799-2571, (C) The VIPER, from BENDING BRANCHES, offers canoeists a blade of basswood and willow with a double-bent shaft. $150; 866-755-3405,

(D) Rule the pipe and the park on the RIDE KINK—a minimalist twin-tip snowboard crafted to be ultraresponsive. $360; 800-757-5806, (E) Up the stakes in your snowball war with the hand-whittled JACK SPADE SLINGSHOT, sure to be the undoing of your opponents. $50; 212-625-1820, (F) You'd have to drop trou to draw attention away from your retro BOGNER bamboo CARVING SKIS; matching poles with leather baskets round out this sixties-movie-star setup. $3,000; 303-913-1981,

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