Balanced Beings

Jan 1, 2004
Outside Magazine

Baron Baptiste//40//Yoga Teacher
The man who brought yoga to the Philadelphia Eagles, Baptiste made his name with Power Vinyasa Yoga, his trademarked athletic technique that uses body heat to loosen muscles and ligaments, and that, he says, will help you achieve peak performance.

"Since most sports training is one-dimensional, the body takes on one-sided characteristics that can lead to injury," says Baptiste, who also practices meditation and taekwondo. "To avoid that, the body needs to be counterbalanced, whether you're a skier or a marathoner. Once your body is balanced, you won't be afraid you're going to pull a hamstring or throw out your back. Psychologically, that knowledge reduces your fear-and-stress factor, and sports mastery is all about being relaxed under pressure. Yoga will train you to achieve that."

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