The Well-Outfitted Adventurer

On Your Feet and Extra Essentials

Mar 12, 2002
Outside Magazine

Sportiff Wind Knot Shirt and Patagonia's Atom shoulder bag

Petzl Zipka Headlamp, Nikon Sportstar III 8x25, Eagle Creek's Pack-It System, and Victorinox Swiss Army Altimeter Knife

On Your Feet
Low-cut hiking shoes with sturdy soles are perfect everyday cloppers. Nike's ACG Air Trigo ($65) has moderate lugs, ample EVA cush, and an athletic feel. Montrail's Ultra II All-Terrain Shoe ($90) doesn't have the fast feel, but its ample volume, airy mesh sides, and long-lasting polyurethane midsole coddle travel-abused dogs. In either case, you need low-volume socks that wick away moisture and pad potential trouble spots.
Dahlgren's Dri-Stride Hiking LV socks ($15) are a perfect fit, with a blend of wool, sensual alpaca, and synthetics that keep feet protected and dry.

Extra Essentials
If you don't pack binoculars, you're sure to regret it. The new Nikon Sportstar III 8x25 ($89) fits in a chest pocket, weighs 10.4 ounces, and delivers screamingly crisp optics, though eyeglass wearers should look elsewhere. Speaking of regrets, most plastic shampoo bottles are guaranteed to leak; the eight various-size containers in the Nalgene Travel Set ($9), available through L.L. Bean, are guaranteed not to. Eagle Creek's Pack-It System 300-cubic-inch 2-Sided Cube ($22), with divider and mesh top and bottom, obviates organizational chaos. You need the blades, you need the corkscrew; might as well know the altitude and temperature, too—a subtle digital readout graces the usual-size Victorinox Swiss Army Altimeter Knife ($97). Headlamps make the handiest travel lights, and the new Petzl Zipka Headlamp ($45, Tecate not included) is the handiest of the genre; the head strap retracts, so it's clean and compact.

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