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  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    Best Women's Snowboards

    More than a dozen riders spent a week testing the best new boards of the season. They narrowed them down to these four favorites.

    Adam Broderick

  • Photo: High Society

    High Society Scarlet

    BEST FOR: All Mountain

    This board is lightweight, full of life, and stable enough to suck up any speed bumps in its path. The Allure’s unique approach to reducing chatter at high speeds involves thin rubber strips that absorb vibrations throughout the core. Testers cited a big improvement in feel from last year’s model. The Scarlet ($479) offers tons of pop, so you can get off the ground, but it remains totally reliable underfoot upon landing.

    RESPONSE: 4.5

  • Photo: Never Summer

    Never Summer Raven

    BEST FOR: Everything but the Park

    A top choice among our more aggressive riders, the Raven ($499) is a quick-turning board with a rocker-camber profile and flexible, lightweight wood core that testers reported “carves like a dream on fresh corduroy” and is also “tons of fun to guide through big mogul fields.” It’s supremely durable (and backed by Never Summer’s three-year warranty) but some testers found it a bit stiff from tip to tail for advanced freestyle.

    RESPONSE: 4.5

  • Photo: Capita

    Capita Jess Kimura Pro

    BEST FOR: Freestyle

    With carbon stringers, this extremely lightweight board is ideal for hopping off everything in sight. Pressing the tail and popping big ollies is easy, and it whips around with little effort. One tester found it somewhat twitchy, “like an optimistic teenager: super stoked, but needs some time to mature.” Advanced riders raved about 
how smoothly it transitioned between turns and loved how well the positive camber locked onto terrain-park boxes and handrails. $450,

    RESPONSE: 4.5

  • Photo: Burton

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    Burton Day Trader

    BEST FOR: Powder Freeriding

    “I wouldn’t trade a day of powder on this for the world!” hollered one tester as she scooped snow from her goggles. With little swing weight, the Day Trader ($570) is quick to initiate turns, and the wide, rockered nose surfs fluff like it’s on water. Since the longest Day Trader is only 150 centimeters, most riders used Burton’s convenient channel system to set their stances back before setting off into deep stuff.


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