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  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    Best Snowshoes

    Over the river and through the woods, our testers discovered the best snowshoe for every venue.

    Berne Broudy

  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    Atlas Endeavor

    BEST FOR: The Backcountry

    THE TEST: A V-shaped tail reduces the likelihood that you'll trip over your own feet and also drags less snow along when you're hossing through powder. The Endeavor's ($220) full-length teeth and spring-loaded suspension make for a nimble feel on firm snow, though that suspension throws snow up your back. Snowboarders: the bindings fold flat, making them easy to lash to a pack.

    WEIGHT: 4.1 lbs

  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    Tubbs Flex Vert

    BEST FOR: Comfort and Ease

    THE TEST: We worried that the cold and snow might freeze or clog the Flex Vert's ($250) Boa closure system. Our concerns were unfounded. A twist of the knob snugly and uniformly tightens the steel cable threaded throughout the top of the shoe; when you want out, just pop the button up. Tip-to-tail rails provide secure traction on off-camber terrain, and because the rails are riveted on in four sections, the back flexes more naturally than most shoes' tails.

    WEIGHT: 4.4 lbs

  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    Faber Aerobic

    BEST FOR: Moving Quickly

    THE TEST: The most affordable running snowshoe we've seen, the ultralight Aerobic ($140) has a deck that looks like someone took an oversize hole punch to it. The holes save weight and add grip—when you weight the deck, they dig into the snow. Also smart: where the frame threads through the deck it's twisted, creating additional traction. The binding is serviceable though a bit undercooked, but if going fast is your number one priority, this is your shoe.

    WEIGHT: 2.1 lbs

  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

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    MSR Revo Explore

    BEST FOR: Hard, Continuous Use and Technical Terrain

    THE TEST: With an aggressive set of full-length perimeter crampons riveted to a plastic deck, a steel bar of ice chompers below the ball of the foot, and extra teeth at the tip, MSR's new Revo Explore ($200) is the grippiest snowshoe here. It never slipped, no matter how steep or icy the terrain became. The binding is simple and easy to maintain when you're in the field, and thanks to the wide toe cutout and broad heel lifter, it mates well with a bulky boot.

    WEIGHT: 4.1 lbs

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