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  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Kaufmann Mercantile Brass and Walnut Pour-Over coffee brewer

    Handmade in Colorado by a bike courier, Kaufmann Mercantile's Brass and Walnut Pour-Over coffee brewer ($179) is designed for the discerning caffeine addict. The brass knob lets you adjust the cone for demitasse or large travel mug, and the drip style makes consistently strong brews.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Puffs Preserves Raspberry Whiskey Chipotle jelly

    A flask of bourbon and a cream cheese and jelly sandwich are ski-tour staples, which is why we're so excited about Puffs Preserves's Raspberry Whiskey Chipotle jelly ($9). It's a sweet sugar kick with enough heat to stave off the chills.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Victorinox Rosewood Forged 130th Anniversary bread knife

    The nine-inch blade and sustainably harvested wood handle of Victorinox's Rosewood Forged 130th Anniversary bread knife ($228) make it as attractive as it is resilient.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Kaufmann Mercantile German Glass teapot

    Kaufmann Mercantile's German Glass teapot ($55) isn't as delicate as it looks. It's crafted from the same heat-resistant glass used in lab beakers and test kitchens and is tough enough to withstand temperatures up to 842 degrees. But we suggest keeping it closer to 200 for a comfy après pot.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Louisville Stoneware serving bowl

    Since the 19th century, Louisville Stoneware has been firing dishware like this serving bowl ($50) from nearby Kentucky and Indiana clay deposits. The result: sturdy microwave-, dishwasher-, and oven-safe pottery that's perfect for dinner parties—or a feast for one.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Tartine Book No. 3 by Chad Robertson

    Master baker and lifetime surfer Chad Robertson has become the monastic leader of the sourdough revolution, thanks to the popularity of the loaves he turns out at his San Francisco bakery, Tartine. For Tartine Book No. 3 ($40) the newest edition of his original cookbook, Robertson spent time experimenting with ancient and heirloom grains to create healthier versions of his classic recipes.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

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    Snow Peak Micro Capsule Dutch oven

    Most cowboy cuisine begins with a cast-iron skillet and campfire coals. Snow Peak advances the practice with the Micro Capsule Dutch oven ($65), made from premium Japanese Iwate cast iron. Measuring just over 3.5 inches wide, it's the perfect dish to bake dinner for two.

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