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  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Prospector Co. Burroughs Beard Oil

    The sandalwood and cedar in Prospector Co.'s Burroughs Beard Oil ($28) soothe skin and make you smell like the woods—in a good way.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Portland Apothecary Cardamom Fennel Digestive Bitters

    Portland Apothecary sources its herbs from the Pacific Northwest. The Cardamom Fennel Digestive Bitters ($15) can cure holiday overindulgence.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Baxter of California safety razor

    This razor ($60) hits the sweet spot between a terrifying open blade and a drugstore disposable. You'll be passing it on to your grandson one day.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Ursa Major Stellar shave cream

    The shave cream is soap-free and smells like a pine forest.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Beardbrand mustache comb

    Beardbrand's mustache comb ($10) looks like a 'stache and will keep yours tidy whether you're rocking a handlebar or a Fu Manchu.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Portland Apothecary Mountain soap

    The juniper-scented Mountain soap ($9) is a favorite for daily detox.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Beardbrand trimming scissors

    These trimming scissors ($45) offer superior control for careful maintenance. Just don't get cute with the crafting.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Maak Lab Juniper Black Salve

    Inspired by a camping trip in a juniper forest, Maak Lab's Juniper Black Salve ($10) is an antidote for nicks, burns, and cracked skin.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

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    S.W. Basics Mini Cream

    Packed with organic shea butter and coconut oil, S.W. Basics Mini Cream ($12) is the perfect remedy for skin ravaged by freezing winds.

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