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  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Klecker Knives Klax Lumberjack

    Klecker Knives did something brilliant when it combined the versatility of a Swiss Army knife with the practicality of a classic ax to create the Klax Lumberjack ($180 with handle). In addition to the blade, the detachable ax head also includes five wrench sizes, a ruler, and a bottle opener. Our only recommendation: finish the sharp stuff before cracking a beer.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Cotopaxi Kilimanjaro pack

    Cotopaxi has become a leader in the "buy one, give one" model of consumerism. Its 20-liter canvas Kilimanjaro pack ($80) pays for one week of tutoring for Tanzanian schoolkids, so you can feel good about rocking it around campus next semester.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Maven binoculars

    Maven binoculars ($900) are endlessly customizable—you can specify everything from the magnification to the body color. And because Maven sells directly to consumers, they perform on a par with models costing twice as much. During a recent trip to Colorado's South San Juan Wilderness, we used a pair of 10x42's to spot elk in dark shadows despite midday glare.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Electric ED01-T Nato watch

    Electric's ED01-T Nato watch ($100) is a sleek digital tide predictor with a tough polycarbonate case—the ideal combination of features to ensure you never miss a wave.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Horse Camping knife

    Handmade at a cycling shop in Brooklyn, New York, Horse's Camping knife ($155) is forged from high-carbon steel for longer-lasting sharpness and finished with a Scandinavian grind for tougher cutting. It has quickly become our favorite pocket knife for overnight trips when a good blade is the only tool you need.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    The Woodbook, Taschen

    The painstaking detail in Taschen's The Woodbook ($30) is the result of 25 years of work on the part of Romeyn Beck Hough to catalog his studies of 354 species of America's trees. Assembled from the original 14-volume collection into a single book, it's everything you'll ever want to know about wood, whether you're building a house or just a small campfire.

  • Photo: Xtracycle

    Xtracycle Edgerunner 27D

    Xtracycle's Edgerunner 27D (from $2,100) makes it easier than ever to ditch the car. The kid- and stuff-hauling utility bike is sturdy, versatile (the rear cargo area comes in family and freight configurations), and available with a ton of cool accessories, including the Hooptie Kid Carrier, which comfortably fits three little ones.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    New Balance Camping 574 shoes

    New Balance's Camping 574 shoes ($80) look like they could be made from upcycled 1970s outdoor gear. Inspired by the company's heritage styles, the uppers are reminiscent of retro ripstop tents, and the plaid liner looks like it once belonged to an old Coleman sleeping bag.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Keen Vendetta Mid WP shoes

    The vulcanized outsole and leather upper give Keen's Vendetta Mid WP shoes ($130) the appearance of dressed-up sneakers. But they'll march through puddles like a waterproof boot, thanks to the company's proprietary waterproof-breathable membrane.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Next Up:The Adventure Dad

    Redington Butter Stick

    The fiberglass Redington Butter Stick ($250) doesn't have the snap of its stiffer graphite counterparts, but that's the point. The super-smooth slow action that only fiberglass can deliver is ideal for smaller rivers and creeks.

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