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  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Lazer Genesis Lifebeam helmet

    Lazer enters the wearables market with its new Genesis Lifebeam ($250), the first-ever helmet to measure your heart rate—no chest strap needed. The Belgian helmet manufacturer updated its classic Genesis with a dime-size Lifebeam sensor that sits in the lid’s front brow pad. We found it to be as accurate as other heart rate monitors we’ve tried, and it’s both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ compatible.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Earbuds

    Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Earbuds ($200) will play your music and monitor your heart rate at the same time. In addition to crisp tunes thanks to Dolby Digital sound technology, the earbuds pair with the Jabra Sport Life app to give you in-ear, personalized coaching based on your workout.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Athos shirt and shorts

    The Athos shirt and shorts ($198, plus the $199 mandatory Core sensor) measure your muscle output, heart rate, and how hard you’re breathing. To pull this off, the company packed 14 wireless EMG sensors (similar to what hospitals, rehab centers, and top-level trainers use to track muscle movement), two heart rate monitors, and two breathing sensors into the compression top. A two-inch Core transmitter on the side of the shirt sends the data to your smartphone, and an accompanying app helps you make sense of all the numbers, including how effectively you targeted your muscles while lifting.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    ICEdot Crash Sensor

    The ICEdot Crash Sensor ($119) won’t make you fitter or faster, but it will keep you safer. The peppermint patty–sized unit attaches to the back of your helmet and pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth LE. If you crash, the sensor automatically sends a text with your GPS coordinates to emergency contacts.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Mio Fuse fitness tracker

    Want heart rate data but can’t stand the rub of a sweaty chest strap? The brand-new Mio Fuse ($149) tracks your heart rate from your wrist, thanks to technology that debuted in its predecessor, the Alpha. The Fuse also tracks your steps, calories, distance, speed, and pace.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

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    Runtastic Orbit fitness tracker

    Like many fitness trackers, the Runtastic Orbit ($120) monitors your movements, sleep patterns, calories burned, and time spent exercising. Unlike many fitness trackers, it’s comfortable to wear and displays key metrics (heart rate and pace) on its small screen so you don’t have to constantly check your phone. It’s also waterproof down to 300 feet. We love the “happiness” feature, which suggests how much sleep or exercise you need to boost your mood. The Orbit also emits a sharp beep to remind you to move when you’ve been sitting too long.

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