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  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    White Mule Farms Spodee White

    With hints of country wine, toasted coconut, amaretto, and pineapple, Spodee White ($9) will make you feel like you’ve been transported to the Caribbean in December. The blended white wine is strengthened with high-proof alcohol and tastes light and fruity. Enjoy chilled over ice and mixed with a citrus juice and something bubbly, like club soda or ginger ale.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum

    Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum ($32) is made on the same Barbados hilltop where the company got its start more than 310 years ago. The distiller first ages Black Barrel in toasted bourbon barrels, and then finishes its masterpiece in charred bourbon barrels to smooth out the flavor. This is a sweet bourbon drinker’s rum that would be wasted in most cocktails, but it’s still crisp enough on the rocks to refresh you after a long day in the mountains.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Art in the Age Snap

    This 40 percent liquor is to a gingersnap what a Class V rapid is to a waterslide. The makers of Art in the Age Snap ($30) took tasting notes from lebkuchen—the original Pennsylvania Dutch ginger cookie made from blackstrap molasses—to make this spicy, richly flavored spirit. We find that it complements any bourbon drink perfectly and makes a nice pick-me-up on its own after a long ski tour.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie Scotch Whisky

    Master distiller Jim McEwan uses only Scottish barley from the Island of Islay in his Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie Scotch Whisky ($66). It’s oaked on the island for its entire life in American barrels that give it a flavor that bourbon and novice scotch drinkers will enjoy. Don’t let the baby blue bottle fool you: A nip of the Classic Laddie has enough burn to warm you on the coldest ski tours.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Prairie Organic Gin

    The ingredients in Prairie Organic Gin ($25) were grown on three organic-certified family farms in Minnesota and distilled at a facility less than 60 miles away. Result: some of the most refreshing gin we’ve tasted. It doesn’t overwhelm our taste buds with juniper, and it’s extremely smooth, with a light herbal profile that’s perfect for martinis or paired with soda water and crushed basil.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Mezcal El Silencio

    This is real-deal mezcal ($35), distilled by a ninth-generation master mezcalier in Oaxaca, Mexico. The process, which hasn’t changed much in almost 300 years, involves decade-old agave plants, a stone pit, and a horse-driven grinding stone. The result: a unique, smooth mezcal that we suggest drinking neat to celebrate a big milestone. It’s also 100 percent organic.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

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    UV Sriracha Vodka

    Just like crampons are useless off a mountain, UV Sriracha Vodka ($12) is the least versatile alcohol on this list. But just like you wouldn’t summit the Matterhorn without a good pair of crampons, we suggest you don’t make another Bloody Mary without this spicy red vodka. Adding kick to your drink is guaranteed to up your game—and keep your mind off the hangover you’re trying to cure.

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