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  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    With the Fourth of July just around the corner, we wanted to take a minute to celebrate some of our favorite made-here-at-home gear. The following 12 companies manufacture all of their high-quality products in the United States, helping usher in a new age of American craftsmanship.

    Photo: Best Made Annin American flag. Actually constructed in America.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Filson Tin Cloth Field Coat ($395)

    Seattle-based Filson has been making gear and apparel for outdoorsmen for more than 125 years. This hunting-inspired Tin Cloth field coat is as functional as the company's original styles, with oversize front bellows pockets, a cotton liner for added comfort, a waterproof oil finish, and a side-loading game bag—if you need that sort of thing.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Detroit Denim Heritage Jeans ($250)

    Great things come from Detroit: the automobile, the lightbulb, Motown. Add to that list Detroit Denim jeans. Each pair is made from raw denim, which means the material is unwashed and otherwise untouched by designers trying to create a broken-in look. After months of wear, they'll fit you perfectly.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Wolverine Addison 1,000-Mile Wingtip Boots ($385)

    This century-old company, based in Rockford, Michigan, originally advertised the Addison through Successful Farmer magazine in the 1910s. Each pair is stitched from Chicago-made, hand-polished Horween leather, for a shoe that looks sharp enough for the office but still takes a beating in the field.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Duckworth Polaris Henley ($80)

    With its entire line made exclusively from wool harvested on Helle Ranch outside Dillon, Montana, Duckworth's fall 2014 launch should generate some buzz in the American wool industry. The Polaris henley features waffle stitching, making the shirt extremely light and warm with almost no itch.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Fender 60th Anniversary Stratocaster ($3,099)

    Only a handful of instruments have as much history behind them as Fender's Stratocaster guitar. This 60th anniversary edition honors decades of shredding, both with its appearance and distinct sound qualities. Keep the two-piece ash body in perfect condition with the classic single-stitch tweed case. As a tribute its anniversary, Fender will make just 1,954 of these beauties.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Outlier Merino/Co Pivot ($175)

    The combination of ultrafine, high-performance merino with the structure and comfort of organic cotton makes this the perfect button-down for just about any activity. Brooklyn-based Outlier worked hard to build upon its merino tops and succeeded with the Merino/Co Pivot, which you can pull out of any travel bag still looking sharp.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Steven Alan Classic Collegiate Shirt ($98)

    This New York City–based designer took vintage cues when he created the Classic Collegiate Shirt with its clean lines and straight, slim body. The striped piece has a prominent button-down collar, relatively long cuffs, and a straight front hem. It's stylish without being too flashy.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Buck Alpha Dorado ($94) and G-10/110 ($138)

    More than a hundred years of American manufacturing experience go into every Buck Knives blade, making the Alpha Dorado more than your average folding knife. A piece of rosewood dymondwood in the handle gives the Alpha enough flash and function to be perfect for the field or everyday use.

    Built around S30V steel, the Buck G-10/110 is the product of a nearly two-year partnership between Best Made and Buck Knives. G10, an epoxy-based pressure laminate, is used in the handle, which means it's very durable, doesn't absorb water, and won't warp in the heat.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Field Notes and Field Memos ($10 and $22)

    Classic agricultural memo books should never die. At least that's what Portland-based Draplin Design Company and Chicago's Coudal Partners think. Together, the companies make Field Notes. With a full line of classic notebooks, you'll never be more excited to write down your grocery list.

    From the 600-plus field and technical manuals published by the U.S. Army, Best Made chose three classics to reproduce: Rigging, First-Aid, and Survival. Complete with illustrations and often-humorous tips on the basics of survival, these manuals are sure to teach you something useful.

  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Outlier New Way Shorts ($120)

    A pair of shorts you can wear while traveling, at dinner, and even for a swim? Yes, yes, and yes. The New Way shorts from Outlier are made from a durable nylon-and-canvas fabric that doesn't look baggy but stretches enough to let you move freely. A true mil-spec American-made paracord through the waistband holds the whole package together.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Filson Game Bag Messenger $285

    This messenger bag will last a lifetime, and likely longer. Made with durable hunting fabrics and Filson’s attention to detail and functionality, the Game Bag features two simple front pockets and one on the inside for your computer or tablet. Plus, it only looks better with time.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    American Giant Men’s Varsity Jacket ($99)

    American Giant has a mission to make great clothes and to manufacture that apparel at its factories in the United States. The Varsity Jacket features the company's signature heavyweight cotton fleece from South Carolina, three-inch cuffs, and a soft, brushed interior. You won't find a better-made jacket for the price.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Randolph Classic Aviator ($129)

    Even if you don't plan to join the Air Force, these sweet-looking shades are worth a look. Originally built for the U.S. military, Randolph's Classic Aviator has been standard issue since 1982 and features pilot-designed bayonet temples and lifetime-warrantied solder joints. The lenses offer between 98 and 100 percent UV protection and come in seven tints.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    American Giant Men’s Midweight Full Zip Hoodie ($79)

    All great cotton hoodies have the same basic requirements: They must be warm, cozy, and durable. If it happens to look good enough to wear for aprés at the bar, all the better. American Giant's midweight full-zip hooded sweatshirt fills all of the above requirements. Plus, it's made from 100 percent cotton and features double-ribbed shoulder panels and reinforced elbow patches. The company claims it's the "greatest hoodie ever made."
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Filson Antique Tin Cloth Jac Shirt ($185)

    This soft yet durable shirt made from a tough cotton canvas won't restrict your movements whether you're in the field or at the office. Filson designers micro-sanded and washed the Jac Shirt to give it that broken-in feel. This versatile piece has two expandable flap pockets on the chest and one-button cuffs. Get it in navy, dark tan, or otter green.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Wagner Custom Skis (from $1,750)

    Wagner's bespoke skis are like a great suit: every pair is tailored to match the rider. Manufactured in Colorado from hand-selected base plastics, ash or maple cores offer greater stability and aerospace resin and fiber finishes protect against rock impact. Once you've skied your first pair, you'll never go back to off-the-rack.
  • Photo: Nick Kelley

    Steven Alan Short Sleeve Single Needle Shirt ($148)

    This designer has been making heritage-inspired casual men's and women's wear in New York City since the early 1990s. Though we're a fan of his stylish reverse-seam button-down shirts, it was nostalgia for childhood summer barbecues that sold us on this traditional shirt with its long, straight hem.
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