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  • You no longer need a thousand-dollar camera to take awe-inspiring shots. All you really need is an iPhone, an Instagram account, and a sharp eye. Just take it from the guys at Camp 4 CollectiveJimmy Chin, Anson Fogel, Renan Ozturk, and Alex Honnold, recently featured in the Instagram blog. They know a thing or two about taking amazing photos, and they're familiar faces on the adventure circuit. We reached out to these guys to share some favorite images and answer a few of our burning Instagram questions.

    Keen to share your latest adventure on Instagram or elsewhere? Here are a few more tips from eight of the biggest icons in the world Outside.
  • Jimmy Chin: Adventure Photographer

  • Favorite Shot

    "My favorite is an iPhone shot I took while on assignment for National Geographic Magazine. It's of a fisherman in Dibi, Oman, standing on his Dhow, a traditional Omani fishing boat. It was one of my favorite cultural shots from the assignment. My assistant on the shoot almost took away my iPhone after that shot because I was shooting so much with it so I could post on Instagram that I wasn't shooting with my "real" camera."
  • Go-To Camera

    "I've shot with the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. My feed is a mix of iPhone shots and photos I've taken with my cameras while on shoots."
  • Favorite Filter

    'I often go without filters, but have definitely used Valencia and X-Pro II a lot. It's hard to say what is a favorite. I think it's depends on the mood I'm in or the mood I'm trying to create."

    In this shot, pro skier Kye Peterson shreds one last sunset session.
  • Pro Tip

    "I think photography is such an amazing creative outlet for people and it's a ton of fun to take a few moments to find that interesting composition or angle to create an image. Looking for an image when the creative inspiration strikes is half the fun. Spontaneous moments are great too. Not to over think it too much, but pacing my posts is definitely something I think about. I never really post more than one image a day. I shoot a lot and choosing what I post is a fun part of the process as well. It's my little creative assignment for myself everyday. I guess the ultimate goal is just to have fun with it."
  • Alex Honnold: Climber

  • Favorite Shot

    "My favorite that I posted is from our Green River trip, it's just a picture of three of us climbing up a chimney thing while doing a first ascent. I think I even captioned it 'my favorite photo of the trip..' I have no idea about favorite photo I've seen. There's so many."
  • Go-To Camera

    "I have a 4s, and I just use the normal camera. I don't have any photo apps or anything. Half the photos I post are taken by friends anyway. We all share. I don't really love taking pictures. I don't like using my phone that much. So I find it easier to just beg photos of my climbing friends who are much more into the whole photo scene."

    True to form, Honnold didn't take this shot of himself climbing in the Bugaboos. The credit goes to Camp 4 Collective Director Renan Ozturk.
  • Favorite Filter

    "I normally just click my way through them until I settle on something I like. There's no real method to it. Like I said, not huge into taking or processing photos. I just like sharing cool adventures."

    Here, Honnold rides through the eastern Sierra as professional climber and filmmaker Cedar Wright shoots.
  • Pro Tip

    "Make sure your friends are all really psyched on photography. Then they can compensate for your own lack of talent and interest. At least that's been my experience so far. No, but seriously, I would just say take pictures of things you find inspiring. Things that give you joy. For me, that's normally big cliffs, exposure, epic landscapes, things like that. Whatever gets you psyched."
  • Anson Fogel: Filmmaker

  • Favorite Shot

    "Ben Knights' image of a bike in the alpine with a light dusting of snow. It has the key elements of any great image I think—a story, a sense of place, a subject, ideal framing and exposure, and a sense of inexplicable magic."
  • Go-To Camera

    "I use a 5, and shoot mostly with the stock camera app. Occasionally I'll use Slow Shutter, but generally, no. The best add on is the volume up button on the phone for the shutter!"
  • Favorite Filter

    "I don't use any stock or Instagram filters, but always treat images in Snapseed, as well as Lens Light, Cross Process, MExtures and Square Ready. "
  • Pro Tip

    "If an image makes you feel something, you're on the right track. I do think Instagram is much more about post processing that other formats, so get past stock filters and dig into your own treatments with Snapseed and other platforms."
  • Renan Ozturk: Artist and Filmmaker

  • Favorite Shot

    "I love this image because it was such a rare moment that occurred in the upper chamber of the oldest monastery in Nepal, at 13K in the Everest region. The weather had been bad for weeks the first bit of light that emerged happened to come in through the skylight and catch this lama during his blessings for our climb."
  • Go-To Camera

    "I've shot with most the 4s and 5 with no add ons."
  • Favorite FIlter

    "I love the 'sienna' filter because it does a good job of lowering contrast and bringing over-processed Instagram back down to reality."

    Filter or not, we love this slacklining shot above Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Pro Tip

    "I would say when editing your photos, try to stay on the conservative side and not take it too far over the top with filters and different apps. Instead, try to let beautiful natural light and authentic moments make your Instagrams special!"
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