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    Most of us will never see the wildest intact marine ecosystem on earth, Antarctica’s Ross Sea. Which is why Boulder, Colorado, photographer and filmmaker John Weller has spent the better part of a decade shooting there, to illustrate what would be lost to warming seas and overfishing.

    The results of that dedication are out now, in the form of the activist documentary The Last Ocean and a photo book of the same name ($50). The film is a bit slow and hard to find, airing at international festivals, but the book is worth a spot on your coffee table: a foreword by ecologist Carl Safina adds gravitas, and the photos are urgent and wild.

    Abe Streep
  • Photo: John Weller

    Adélie penguin launching onto the ice
  • Photo: John Weller

    Dive hole from below
  • Photo: John Weller

    Weddell seal pup in crumpled ice
  • Photo: John Weller

    Weddell seal and diver
  • Photo: John Weller

    Minke whale surfacing
  • Photo: John Weller

    Adélie penguin, Franklin Island
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