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    By the Numbers

    A few key stats to guide you through those first two exciting decades of life.

    Erin Beresini

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    Age range of Americans who camp the most. Now go learn how to start a fire in the rain.

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    The number of weeks it takes an average 12-year-old to heal from a broken collar¬bone—the shortest recovery time of your life. Huck away, kiddo!

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    The age when your metabolism peaks. But While you may be able to get away with stuffing your face with Twinkies and chugging soda now, remember that most of the habits we establish before age 19 we carry with us through life. So Listen to your mother: Eat your veggies.

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    The Number of U.S. high schools that have formed mountain-bike teams in the past ten years Take up the sport now and you’ll be doing it into your seventies.

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    The age at which Richard Branson started his first magazine, Student. He also started a record store then, called Virgin. Five years later, he's worth $4.6 billion. What are you waiting for?

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    The age when Lindsey Vonn began skiing. The lesson? Don’t wait.

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    Percentage of teens who can text blindfolded. Learn a more marketable skill, and make money doing it.