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    Cycling : 99th Tour de France 2012 / Stage 13

    A few key stats to help transition you to your next peak.

    Erin Beresini

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    The age at which Dean Karnazes got piss-drunk and, despite not running in 15 years, went for a 30-mile jog on his birthday. The rest is ultrarunning history.

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    86 and 58

    Times per year the ­average person in their thirties, single and married, respectively, has sex.

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    The number of pounds most people gain in their thirties. Meanwhile, runners gain just three pounds over the course of the decade. Hold your form by eating healthier meals, like grilled salmon and quinoa.

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    The age George Hincapie rode his 17th Tour de France, his last. He timed it right. VO2 max starts dropping in your forties, so before you get there, take your best shot at a long race.

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    Base price of the Chariot kid carrier, the ultimate piece of gear for taking your brood skiing, biking, or running. And you might need one soon: 75 percent of mothers have their first child by age 34.

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    The average age of mount Everest climbers in 2005.

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