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  • Photo: Tim Chandonnet

    Your Generation by the Numbers

    Those of you about to cross the 65 threshold might find some of these statistics comforting.

    Erin Beresini

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    The age at which Yuichiro Miura became the oldest person to climb Mount Everest this past May. It was his third summit; his first was at 70, his second at 75. There goes your excuse.

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    The average number of pairs of running shoes a lifelong runner will use by the time he or she turns 70. What you can’t replace: your Knees. Keep them in shape.

  • Photo: MZimm1869/Flickr


    Amount you’ll save on a season pass at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort if you’re a mountain host. In exchange, you’ll volunteer two days a week.

  • Photo: Getty Images/Flickr RF


    Price of a beachside condo in Ecuador, one of the cheapest places on earth for retirees. other options: Condos in Chiang Mai, Thailand, rent for $400 a month; $995 a month will get you a 2,100-square-foot beach house (with cleaning service) in Nicaragua; or you can buy an 860-square-foot house in Abruzzo, Italy, for $75,000.

  • Photo: Lee Rogers


    Minutes per week scientists suggest doing elastic-band stretches to improve overall fitness. That’s three hours—you can do it.

  • Photo: Tim Chandonnet

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    The portion of his retirement income that 80-year-old Lew Hollander, who has completed 50 Ironmans (two in the past year), spends on health care. Retirees typically spend twice that. It pays to stay active.

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