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  • Photo: Robert Maxwell

    This is 48

    Surf icon Dave Kalama is still riding 60-foot waves and winning Stand-UP-paddleboarding races two years shy of his 50th birthday. What’s his secret?

  • Photo: Grant Harder

    Archetypes: M. Sanjayan

    The Nature Conservancy’s lead scientist M. Sanjayan on embracing your 40s

  • Photo: Marthom

    Wake-Up Call

    There’s nothing like an attack by flesh-eating bacteria to get your midlife priorities straight.

  • Photo: Mark Jenkins

    Next Up:Big Time: 7 Bucket Trips Across the Globe

    Get Up and Go

    One thing you shouldn’t leave behind with your foolhardy youth: the great American dirtbag road trip. Mark Jenkins explains how to do it right.

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