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  • Photo: Jim David via Shutterstock

    Build Your Own Kayak

    Here are ten things to consider about building your own kayak with a friend, after, of course, you share a beer or two.

    » Learn How to Build Your Own Kayak

  • Photo: Scott E Read via Shutterstock

    Scare Off a Mountain Lion

    I was just reading about pepper spray repelling a mountain lion...what about using one of those very loud boating/marine fog horns? These horns are quite small but can be very loud.

    » Learn How to Scare Off a Mountain Lion

  • Photo: Dimos/

    Survive Falling Through Ice

    Don't panic. Just follow these simple rules.

    » Learn How to Survive Falling Through Ice

  • Photo: Sophy R. via Shutterstock

    How to Stitch a Wound

    Become a regular Dr. Frankenstein with these tips from Dr. Luanne Freer, founder of the Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic.

    » Learn How to Stitch a Wound

  • Photo: Pig Monkey via Flickr

    Make a Bow Drill

    Before the Bic, matches, and flint & steel, there was the art of rubbing two sticks together. A nearly forgotten skill in modern outdoor education.

    » Learn How to Make a Bow Drill

  • Photo: muppetofdestiny via Flickr

    Pilot a Canoe in Whitewater

    That's the beauty of a canoe. You can stroke them in flat-­water, load them with weeks of supplies, and, if you know what you're doing, shoot them down some pretty serious whitewater.

    » Learn How to Pilot a Canoe in Whitewater

  • Photo: ImNotQuiteJack via Flickr

    Survive an Animal Bite

    Ever been out traveling or an a wild adventure when you felt, all of a sudden, like you were no longer at the top of the food chain? Here, experts explain how to avoid becoming lunch.

    » Learn How to Survive an Animal Bite

  • Photo: Artep via Flickr

    Survive a Night in the Cold

    What can I do to stay warm if I have to spend a night in the cold without a sleeping bag?

    » Learn How to Survive a Night in the Cold

  • Photo: dwphotos via Shutterstock

    Escape an Attacking Animal

    Learn how to escape an angry baboon, moose, or elephant. Thank us later.

    » Learn How to Escape an Attacking Animal

  • Photo: Rissy Story via Shutterstock

    Find Yourself with a Compass

    GPS's (and batteries) fail. And learning to read a map and use a compass builds good navigation habits, meaning you're less likely to get lost in the first place.

    » Learn How to Find Yourself with a Compass

  • Photo: Kyle Nishioka via Flickr

    Predict Weather Changes

    I’ve encountered a lot of weather folklore over the years from books and other guides. A few methods are reliable, and others may work depending on what part of the U.S. or world you're in.

    » Learn How to Predict Weather Changes

  • Photo: AntonSokolov via Shutterstock

    Deal with Drowning Victims

    The Heimlich has been used for decades to clear the airways of choking victims. For that purpose, it has proved to be a lifesaver. However, the medical community is now advising against its use in drowning cases.

    » Learn How to Deal with Drowning Victims

  • Photo: Basov Mikhail via Shutterstock

    Deal with a Head Injury in the Wilderness

    From a practical perspective in a wilderness environment, here's the best approach if someone has sustained a head injury.

    » Learn How to Deal with a Head Injury in the Wilderness

  • Photo: Chad Zuber via Shutterstock

    Treat a Flesh Wound

    Next to muscle strains and sprained ankles, minor wounds—cuts, blisters, scrapes, burns, and punctures—lead the list of injuries in the outdoors.

    » Learn How to Treat a Flesh Wound

  • Photo: Eugeny Vasenev via Shutterstock

    Find a Reputable Tracking Class

    Tracking is a science and not something that involves smoke and mirrors. So I'd say consider spending time with a qualified tracker and then you will get more realistic results and skills.

    » Learn How to Find a Reputable Tracking Class

  • Photo: Audrey Snider-Bell via Shutterstock

    Treat a Snakebite

    Whiskey shots aren't the answer.

    » Learn How to Treat a Snakebite

  • Photo: f9photos via Shutterstock

    Survive a Tornado

    Stay safe by knowing the essentials of protecting yourself, and plan for even the worst situations.

    » Learn How to Survive a Tornado

  • Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Handle a Grizzly Bear Encounter

    If you're heading into bear country this summer, heed these important tips from Kerry Gunther, bear management program leader for Yellowstone National Park.

    » Learn How to Handle a Grizzly Bear Encounter

  • Photo: Wolfgang Flamisch/Corbis

    Build Your Own First Aid Kit

    You can buy a preassembled medical kit from your favorite outdoor retailer, but you’ll usually want to add something to it, and inevitably the supplies will dwindle, forcing you to replace them.

    » Learn How to Build Your Own First Aid Kit

  • Photo: dno1967b via Flickr

    Deal with Wet Feet

    How should I deal with wet/smelly/rotting feet in the wild?

    » Learn How to Deal with Wet Feet

  • Photo: Jon Beard

    Protect Yourself from Wildfires

    What if you are backpacking or camping, and are confronted by a fast-moving wildfire? What should you do?

    » Learn How to Protect Yourself from Wildfires

  • Photo:

    Make a Plant-Fiber Rope

    There are hundreds of plants whose fiber can be used to weave rope. Which one you use depends on where you live.

    » Learn How to Make a Plant-Fiber Rope

  • Photo: Everett Collection

    Next Up:How-tos for the Backpacker

    Survive a Bar Fight

    Anyone who's been in a real rumble will tell you it's a far more brutal affair than your choreographed fantasies of kicking ass like Patrick Swayze in Road House.

    » Learn How to Survive a Bar Fight

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