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  • Photo: Juliana Bicycles/Santa Cruz Bicy

    Fix a Flat

    Whether you’re in your garage or on the trail, a flat tire shuts down a bike ride instantly. Here’s how to fix it and be back on the blacktop or singletrack.

  • Photo: Juliana Bikes/Santa Cruz Bikes

    Fix a Squeaky Disc Brake

    If your disc brakes scream when you squeeze the levers, one of your rotors may have come out of alignment—a problem you can fix in a couple of minutes with an allen wrench. If you know how.

  • Photo: Juliana Bikes/Santa Cruz Bikes

    Fix a Skipping Bike Chain

    Does your chain skip between gears when you pedal, phantom shift, shift twice instead of once, or refuse to shift when you need it to? Here's how to fix it.

  • Photo: Willem Havenaar/Shutterstock

    Know When Your Mountain Bike Has Had It

    I need a new bottom bracket for my old Titanium fre GT mountain bike. But, the old one is stuck so badly that the bike shop couldn't get it out and gave up.

    » Learn How to Know When Your Mountain Bike's Had It

  • Photo: Ty Nigh/Flickr

    Bike With Beer

    Sorrow follows the cyclist who rides with no brew. Turn your bicycle into a mobile suds superstation with this handy guide to outfitting your ride with a custom beer rack.

    » Learn How to Bike With Beer

  • Photo: Tejvan Pettinger/Flickr

    Clean Your Bike

    There are already too many dangers awaiting cyclists on the open road without having to worry about rusty gears and sticky break lies. Keep your ride in top gear with this guide to cleaning.

    » Learn How to Clean Your Bike

  • Photo: Juliana Bikes/Santa Cruz Bikes

    Set Your Shocks

    Have you ever hopped on a mountain bike only to find you didn’t love the ride? The issue may not have been the bike, but that the shocks weren’t set correctly for your weight or the terrain. Properly adjusted shocks smooth out a teeth-chattering trail. With too much or too little pressure in your shocks, the ride can be clunky or unstable.

    »Learn How to Set Your Shocks

  • Photo: Don Burkett

    Dress to Ride in Any Weather

    Even the most experienced racers can be caught unawares by the weather. But in an emergency, the pros can DNF and hop into the team car. That’s not an option for the weekend warrior—you have to ride home.

    » Learn How to Dress to Ride in Any Weather

  • Photo: sterlin

    Fix a Broken Spoke

    You’re mashing uphill when a spoke on your wheel gives way with a sickening pop. It’s miles to the nearest bike shop and you need to get home. How do you ride on?

    » Learn How to Fix a Broken Spoke

  • Photo: max topchii/Shutterstock

    Determine Whether a Bike Frame Fits Your Body Size

    The issue of sizing bicycles is so confusing that a lot of makers have abandoned using inches or centimeters and now just size them from small to extra large.

    » Learn How to Know if a Bike Frame Fits Your Body Size

  • Photo: RioPatuca/Shutterstock

    Stay Warm Without Extra Layers

    You’re shivering on a ride and it looks like the gentle breeze will turn into a gale. You unfortunately forgot all your extra layers at the house. How do you stay warm?

    » Learn How to Stay Warm Without Extra Layers

  • Photo: Inc/Shutterstock

    Keep Your Bike from Rusting Around Saltwater

    I live near the ocean, and every part on my bike that isn't aluminum or titanium is rusting. Is there something that could help save my bike?

    »Learn How to Keep Your Bike from Rusting Around Saltwater

  • Photo: saap585/Shutterstock

    Fix a Flat—With a Dollar

    You joined a fast-paced group ride and are heading back home. Suddenly, you hear a hostile hiss of air flowing from a dime-sized gash in your tire and feel the rim dig into the pavement. The tire’s shot and you’re down to your last tube

    » Learn How to Fix a Flat with a Dollar

  • Photo: Melifiscentgirl/Flickr

    Dry Cycling Shoes with Newspaper

    ou’re on the first day of a weekend-long cycling trip, and your pack is caught unawares by an afternoon thunderstorm. You have a 60-mile ride tomorrow and don’t want to develop trench foot

    » Learn How to Dry Cycling Shoes with Newspaper

  • Photo: Edw/Shutterstock

    Prevent Crippling Knee Pain

    ou’re halfway through a ride, but your knees are killing you. You stop to stretch the sore joints, unsure you can make it home. Is there a way to relieve the pain?

    » Learn How to Prevent Crippling Knee Pain

  • Photo: Sander van der Werf/Shutterstock

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    Pedal a Dropped Chain Into Action

    You’re pedaling up a climb when your foot jars to a stop on the downstroke. The chain’s dropped and you’d prefer to eschew the humiliating and greasy task of stopping to wrestle it back on.

    »Learn How to Pedal a Dropped Chain Into Action

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