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  • Photo: Carlos Serrao

    Train Smart

    Read more about Eaton's training plan and diet in Ashton Eaton: The World's Fittest Athlete.

    "Spending less total time training but really making it count is a smart way to improve. It's also easier on your body in the long run."
  • Photo: Carlos Serrao

    Eat Like a Pro

    "I really notice how different foods make me feel. And at a certain age, you can tell how five pounds affects your ability to jump or run."
  • Photo: Carlos Serrao

    Know Your Enemy

    "My biggest competitor? Myself, mentally."
  • Photo: Carlos Serrao

    Control Your Nerves

    "I've heard people talk about walking into the stadium and feeling super scared and nervous because they've realized, Oh, my God, this is the Olympic Games. And it didn't work out for them. That happened to me at the 2011 world championships and I got all flustered. In London, I knew what not to do."
  • Photo: Carlos Serrao

    Use the Competition

    "The strategy is always to improve on your best—and use other athletes to do that."
  • Photo: Carlos Serrao

    Rest for Success

    "Rest is training too. We took off 12 weeks last year because the buildup to the Olympics involved so much mental and physical stress. Your body needs time to recharge if you want to perform at your best."
  • Photo: Carlos Serrao

    Become a Perfectionist

    "I've become a real perfectionist. The more I do this and the older I get, the more I understand that I have a limited amount of time to get something right."
  • Photo: Carlos Serrao

    Study Your Mistakes

    "I look at mistakes that I make over and over again, and I get mad at myself for not having better control of my body. That's hard. But it helps me focus on the things that need work."
  • Photo: Carlos Serrao

    Quality Over Quantity

    "When I was in college, I trained at least five hours a day. Now it's more like three or four, but the quality is much better."

    Read more about Eaton's training plan and diet in Ashton Eaton: The World's Fittest Athlete.
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