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  • Photo: Magidson Films

    1000 Hands

    Filmmakers Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson have made a living traveling to the world's most spectacular locations, gathering images of unsurpassed natural beauty and the human activity, both mundane and miraculous, amidst that beauty.
  • Photo: Magidson Films


    Their latest film, Samsara, which debuts in the U.S. on August 24, is the culmination of the skills they've honed from previous acclaimed films like Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi.
  • Photo: Magidson Films

    Doll Faces

    A non-verbal, guided meditation, Samsara explores the interconnectedness between humanity and our world in the continuous wheel of life from birth to rebirth.
  • Photo: Magidson Films

    Epupa Falls

    It's a mesmerizing display of all the intriguing and disturbing realities we encounter—art and religion, meat factories and imprisonment—in that life cycle.
  • Photo: Magidson Films

    Ghana Fantasy Coffins

    The filmmakers spoke with Outside about their vision, world travel, and the power of flow.
  • Photo: Magidson Films

    Martial Arts Academy

    Martial artists at the Tagou Wushu Academy, Zhengzhou City, China.
  • Photo: Magidson Films

    Sand Mandala

    Tibetan Buddhist monks at the Thiksey Monastery in Ladakh, India, create a sand mandala, a sacred piece of art they'll destroy after it is completed.
  • Photo: Magidson Films


    A sand dune in Namibia forms with the natural flow of elements.
  • Photo: Magidson Films


    Sailors of the Chinese People's Liberation Army march in serried ranks.
  • Photo: Magidson Films


    Nighttime in Sossusvlei in the southern Namib Desert.
  • Photo: Magidson Films

    Bali Dancer

    A Bali dancer from the film Samsara.
  • Photo: Magidson Films

    Bog Man

    The Tollund man, at the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark.
  • Photo: Magidson Films


    The old and the new in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Photo: Magidson Films

    Ghana Pickers

    Children sift through trash heaps for valuables in Ghana.
  • Photo: Magidson Films

    Los Angeles

    Night lights in Los Angeles, California.
  • Photo: Magidson Films

    Thiksey Monastery

    Monks at the Thiksey Monastery in Ladakh, India.
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