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  • Photo: Mark Clinton

    Photographer Mark Clinton ran into a young woman while travelling across Ireland who was completing her version of an Irish adventure bucket list. Last on her list? Cliff jumping.
  • Photo: Judith Marie Hoffman

    After a cable car ride to the balcony on Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix, 12,600 feet separate you from the valley floor. Fernando Goncalves takes the quickest route.
  • Photo: Scott Rogers

    Hayley Ashburn didn't settle for just an epic view on this Moab highline, she threw in a few yoga moves just to show off.
  • Photo: Silverton Mountain

    September 30 on Silverton Mountain in southern Colorado. Enough said.
  • Photo: Marv Watson/Red Bull

    Dawid Godziek celebrating the first east coast Red Bull Dreamline event in style.
  • Photo: Ian Bird

    Julia Mancuso may just be one of those people that is really good at everything. Here she is on one of Fiji's biggest swells that hit this fall.
  • Photo: Woods Wheatcroft

    A stiff wind and a dreid up lake bed gave Andy Feuling the ride of his life. Turns out the walk back wasn't as fun while photographer Woods Wheatcroft waited by the fire.
  • Photo: Morgan Maassen

    Waimea Bay, Hawaii

    When there's too much rain to skateboard, and too few waves to surf, free diving is a more than passable recreation alternative.
  • Photo: Christian Pondella/Red Bull

    Virgin, Utah

    Mountain biking star Kelly McGarry used Utah's high cliffs to full effect at this year's Red Bull Rampage.
  • Photo: Liam Doran

    Breckenridge, Colorado

    Photographer Liam Doran hunkered down onto a slab of the Rockies in his backyard to highlight the rideability of this granite face.
  • Photo: Jami Tarris

    Skeleton Coast, Namibia

    Capturing the rotation of stars in a single frame isn't easy, but for photographer Jami Tarris, meticulously monitoring this long exposure was more than worth it.
  • Photo: Mark McInnis

    Central Cascades, Washington

    This hammock session with an unrivaled view was reward enough for a longer-than-expected hike.
  • Photo: Justin Turkowski

    Oahu, Hawaii

    Photographer Justin Turkowski had to swim quickly to catch up with his girlfriend, Kimi Werner, who found herself diving with a pod of dolphins less than a mile from Oahu's shores.
  • Photo: Paris Gore

    Ripon, England

    Writer and extreme athlete Callum Jelley ripped through the scree fields of the English countryside.
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