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  • Photo: Danny Clinch

    Lee Meirowitz

    Lee Meirowitz, 27, founder of surfboard bag manufacturer Hydrophilic Origins

  • Photo: Danny Clinch

    Montauk fishing soul

    Montauk has gotten more crowded of late, but "the fishing soul will always be here," Meirowitz says, "if you know where to find it."

  • Photo: Danny Clinch

    Dustin Franks

    Dustin Franks, 29, singer-songwriter and former competitive surfer. "In September, Montauk really becomes an ideal place to be a surfer."

  • Photo: Danny Clinch

    Corey Senese

    "When the surf is really good here, it's insane," says Corey Senese, founder of surf-instruction company CoreysWave. "World-class."

  • Photo: Danny Clinch

    John Termini

    John Termini, 28, works in real estate in New York City and has been surfing Montauk since he was 12.

  • Photo: Danny Clinch

    Termini with longboarder Kristen Brady, 22, an instructor at CoreysWave

  • Photo: Danny Clinch

    Rob McKinley

    Rob McKinley, co-owner of Montauk's Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer's hotel

  • Photo: Danny Clinch

    Montauk's eclectic lineup

    Montauk's eclectic lineup includes everyone from Wall Street weekend warriors to local young guns to celebs (like Jimmy Buffett and Coldplay's Chris Martin).

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