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  • About 85 feet down, inside the crevasse of a submerged volcano in Marianas Trench Marine National Monument, a bubble coral extends poisonous "sweeper" tentacles to push away competitors.

  • The trouble with tribbles: this confidently cute sea cucumber gets ugly when harassed by predators, bathing them in mucus.

  • Saipan's Grotto, where a jungle cenote drains through caves and narrow passages into the ocean.

  • Glen Smith gets the ultimate slow food on Pagan island, where Japanese war planes lie in the weeds, trees growing through their wings.

  • Fan coral in the clear waters of the Marianas, where few islands have been catalogued by divers.

  • With meat like lobster, coconut crabs are overfished in the Marianas--but turned out to be prolific in the protected monument region.

  • Hernan Tudela, a Chamorro critic of the marine monument, teaches his son to use a throw net at Lau Lau beach, Saipan.

  • A midsummer eclipse envelopes Maug.

  • In Saipan, crime reports often describe robbers taking cash from a shop keeper—and as much SPAM as they could carry.

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