• Looking east across the closed Climax molybdenum mine of Freemont Pass near Leadville, Colorado.
  • Horses at the headwaters and throughout the basin depend upon hay, the predominant crop of the river.
  • The Yampa River (right), a major Colorado River tributary, is augmented by the little Snake River (left) in northwest Colorado.
  • The proposed Marble Canyon dam site in the Grand Canyon was defeated by Sierra Club director David Brower.
  • The milky waters of the Little Colorado River tributary in the Grand Canyon are the last sanctuary for the endangered humpback chub.
  • Completed in 1936, the 70-story high Hoover Dam was the greatest manmade structure after the Great Wall of China.
  • This canal pumps Colorado River water out of Lake Havasu and 336 miles east and uphill to supply Phoenix, Tucson, and 12 sets of aquifer recharge ponds.
  • On Cocopah Indian leased fields in Somerton, Arizona, workers pick, bag and box the crop that ships directly from the field to the market.
  • Although fishing is now illegal in the protected Upper Gulf of the California and Colorado River Delta Biosphere Reserve, Mexicans still test themselves against the law and the second largest tides in the world—this fishing boat was abandoned on mudflats during a lowering tide.
  • The Colorado River Delta 55 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border is now as parched as the surrounding Sonoran Desert.
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