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  • Photo: Sam Jones

    "My granddad was a tradesman. Master plumber, master carpenter. Built the house I was born in. An electrician. All of them. My dad was his apprentice, essentially."
  • Photo: Sam Jones

    "Between the two of them, they would fix anything in the neighborhood. They would wake up clean and come home dirty, and some problem had been solved."
  • Photo: Sam Jones

    "But I missed that gene. So by the time I got old enough to think about how I was going to make a living, I decided to go as far from that as I could. Deliberately. That's how I ended up getting in the opera."
  • Photo: Sam Jones

    "When I left QVC, I called the Discovery Channel directly, because I'd always wanted to work for them…I thought it would be really fun to have somebody send me around the world to do cool stuff. That's what I've been trying to get them to do since 1993."
  • Photo: Sam Jones

    "So I pitched them on this (Dirty Jobs). They were like, 'Eh, it's a talk show in a sewer.' But we got it on the air, and people watched."
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