• Photo: Andy Batt

    How'd you start open water swimming?
    My grandfather is a lifetime swimmer. He's 96 and holds a lot of age group records. We were members of Fountain Valley's Los Caballero's Sports Village.
  • Photo: Andy Batt

    Are you fast enough to break the record?
    Steven Munatones, the guru of open-water swimming, told me he thought I could do it in under eight jours. Cutting 35 minutes off that? It's just training and mentality. And whenever you have a goal, training is easier and more fun.
  • Photo: Andy Batt

    Fun? Swimming in frigid water sounds miserable.
    You have to both physically and mentally adapt. Exposing the body to repeated cold increases your brown fat. White fat is the stuff that makes people look bigger and bulkier. Brown fat surrounds the internal organs.
  • Photo: Andy Batt

    Brown fat is more related to muscle than white fat. It's got mitochondria in it. Mitochondria are the cells that make ATP. ATP is energy, and making it generates heat.
  • Photo: Andy Batt

    Does knowing that make you feel warmer?
    It's kind of like a confidence builder.
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