• Photo: Gabe Rogel

    Want to race in the first ever half-marathon trail race in Ethiopia? How about educate a nation of leaders and cure blindness? Thought you might. Twelve spaces remain to do so.

    Here, author and pro climber Majka Burhardt shares images of Tigray and Ethiopia collected by professional photographers Gabe Rogel, Travis Horn, and Peter Doucette over the past six years.
  • Photo: Travis Horn

    A slice of Ethiopia's running scene, shot in Addis Ababa at 5:30 a.m. Accelerate Ethiopia starts in Addis with a morning training run with Haile Gebreselassie on February 22, 2013.
  • Photo: Peter Doucette

    Tigray is the northernmost region of Ethiopia and home to Axum and the pre-Axumite settlements dating back to the third millennium B.C. The sandstone mountains give way to verdant fields with foot paths perfect for human transportation and, in this case, a run.
  • Photo: Peter Doucette

    The Gheralta Spires offer a latticework of dirt trails punctuated by vertical rock passageways. Train with Scott Jurek on a half-marathon course set by Majka Burhardt which circumnavigates the highest point of the massif, through this pass, and into the valley below.
  • Photo: Gabe Rogel

    The first-ever trail race in the cradle of humanity is the culmination of Accelerate Ethiopia. Fourteen participants, 100 up-and-coming Ethiopian runners, and Jurek, Gebre and Werknesh will run with the Gheralta Massif as the backdrop.
  • Photo: Gabe Rogel

    Spot the runner and the camel and then head to Accelerate Ethiopia and apply to run right here yourself in 2013.
  • Post-operative cataract patients celebrate in Mekelle, Ethiopia, after an eye camp with the Himalayan Cataract Project. Participants on Accelerate Ethiopia will help restore sight to 1,000-plus people during a multi-day eye camp.
  • Two students at an imagine1day school share their learning with the class. Since 2007, imagine1day’s work has benefited over 45,000 children and 1,000 teachers, from 89 schools in the Tigray region. Accelerate Ethiopia participants visit the imagine1day community and share in the education, celebration of learning, and sport competitions with the children.
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