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  • Photo: @danbettridge

    There's some gear you just can't leave home without. We're not talking about your smartphone—there are more important things in life, especially if you're headed outside. We asked our Instagram followers what adventure essentials they always have with them. From a trusty knife to a well-worn pair of hikers, here are 16 of our favorites.

    Photo from @danbettridge: Once you're done learning how to survive, you might as well take a few pictures.
  • Photo: @emmylouwho_

    Old-School Map

    A paper map for our favorite wild places, without 4G.
  • Photo: @acarterclark

    Chacos in the Snow

    Sandals: not just for summer-loving river rats.
  • Photo: @vancrafted

    Pocket-Size Essentials

    Planning a mountainous adventure? Make sure you have big pockets.
  • Photo: @charlih

    Sleeping Bag Onsie

    We're big fans.
  • Photo: @eiriksmeste

    Rugged 4-Season Tent

    The perfect mobile home
  • Photo: @brentmiller57

    Adventure-Ready Running Shoes

    To get you to the summit, no matter how muddy the trail.
  • Photo: @coastalbrandon

    Saltwater Gear

    If you give a mouse a surfboard, you better include a GoPro, snorkel, and pair of flippers, too.
  • Photo: @the_newboy

    Well-Worn Leather Boots

    Winter footwear you can wear year-round.
  • Photo: @tedward31

    Metal Coffee Mug

    There's no better way to drink your morning cup of joe.
  • Photo: @landscapelurking

    Camera, Tripod, Photos

    The aspiring Ansel Adams in your life will need a tripod and landscape photography setup.
  • Photo: @irislazz

    Backcountry Transportation

    Snowboarders: You need some way to summit that distant peak.
  • Photo: @bella_izko

    High-Calorie Dinner

    We're not saying it's good for anywhere other than the wilderness. But after a long day hiking, Kraft mac and cheese hits the spot.
  • Photo: @eolsen813

    Hot Wheels

    Your favorite bike. The climb is optional.
  • Photo: @_natelarge

    Trusty Ice Axe

    To channel your inner Conrad Anker
  • Photo: @swift_getlost_club

    A Do-It-All Knife

    A well-made blade. For cutting things.
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