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  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    St. George Dry Rye gin

    During the holidays, we've been known to ditch the tonic and drink St. George's Dry Rye gin ($31) unadorned. The distinctive rye and fragrant juniper tastes like a Christmas tree and also makes a great addition to creative cocktails.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Dram Apothecary bitters

    These bitters ($18) are steeped with wild herbs foraged in Colorado. The flavors are aromatic enough to make even jaded mixologists swoon.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Art in the Age Root

    Brewed with organic ingredients like sarsaparilla, sassafras, and birch root, and inspired by the spirits of early colonial times, Art in the Age Root ($33) tastes like a spicy, sophisticated root beer, except that it comes from the original recipe for Native American root tea. And at 80 proof, it has plenty of punch.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    AHeirloom cocktail muddler

    Crafted in Brooklyn, the AHeirloom cocktail muddler ($20) has a bombproof Corian tip that's grooved for maximum mashing capability. Once you start muddling, you never go back.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Casa Dragones tequila

    If you're pale or just a calorie-counting athlete, a clean, smooth-sipping tequila like small-batch distiller Casa Dragones ($75) is a classy alternative to whiskey or beer.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Best Made Seamless and Steadfast tumblers

    Enamelware is a camp staple, but it's rarely seen in a pint glass. Best Made's Seamless and Steadfast tumblers ($36 for two) hold up to abuse and keep beer frosty.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    WhistlePig rye

    WhistlePig is soon to be the country's first "farm to bottle" distillery. Aged in a converted Vermont dairy barn, this rye ($75) is our go-to on winter hut trips—and most Friday evenings.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

    Jack Rudy Small Batch grenadine

    This grenadine ($16) in no way resembles that saccharine cherry solution of a Shirley Temple. The base ingredients are pomegranate juice and orange flower water—perfect for mixing up a Ward Eight after a long day on the ski hill.

  • Photo: Dustin Sammann

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    Paperboy chardonnay

    "Bottled" in 80 percent recycled cardboard lined with a small plastic bladder, Paperboy chardonnay ($15) is a more refined take on travel-friendly boxed wine.

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