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  • "I got into surfing when I was four. I started surfing every day when I was around nine."

  • "My dad saw that I was good at surfing and pushed me to keep improving."

  • "So from a pretty young age I wanted to be a professional surfer."

  • "I'm not the biggest fan of contest surfing. I would rather free surf."

  • "With free surfing there's just no pressure. You get to do whatever you want and have fun."

  • "Contests are so much pressure. You have to snake people, make sure you don't fall, and you just get more stressed out."

  • "When you free surf, you get to go to exotic, beautiful places."

  • "For contest surfing, you always have to go to where they're going to draw the most crowds, and that's usually in cities."

  • "I feel like I can't even surf in a bikini because there's so much attention."

  • "I want to be known as a good surfer. I think it's fine if they think I'm pretty, too."

  • "I'm definitely going to give it my all this year."

  • "It'd be really cool to be back on the tour and give it another go, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. I won't be that bummed."

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