• Arctic surf check: Pat Millin, Christian Wach, and Cyrus Sutton on one of the first days of the expedition in northern Norway.
  • Cyrus Sutton and Christian Wach look at the waves while getting ready for their first surf in the Arctic Ocean.
  • The view from the top of the ridge offers an exceptional view of the surrounding area's surf potential.
  • Celebrating the view from the ridge.
  • All geared up and ready for a trek.
  • Cyrus Sutton got to put his hand-shaped Alaia to the test during the trip. Alaias are very thin wooden surfboards based on ancient Hawaiian designs that have been resurrected in recent years. While difficult to harness at first, the Alaias prove very fun to ride once mastered.
  • Pat Millin steps off the dock on his way to trek the remote beach below Hell's Peak with all his possessions on his back. There is no road access to this area and the crew had to be dropped off by boat and then hike to this secluded beach.
  • Christian Wach and Pat Millin warm up after setting up camp on the beach below Hell's Peak.
  • Pat Millin fights off ice pellets on his way to surfing a spot he pioneered a few years earlier.
  • This shot was taken after an 18-hour road trip through a blizzard to the island of Senja, several hundred kilometers north of our base camp in the Lofoten Islands. We hit the road around 2 a.m. and got there around 10 p.m. Since he was the only one experienced in driving in the snow, let alone a blizzard, photographer Yassine Ouhilal spent the entire time at the wheel. After finally making it to Senja completely exhausted, Matt and Yassine decided to venture to this spot that was breaking at the mouth of a harbor. After surfing, Matt and Yassine were both so exhausted they were seeing troll faces in the mountains as they drove back to camp. They later found out that Senja is notorious for its trolls.
  • Matt Whitehead at "Broken Hearts," a spot he named after finding out from local residents he was the first to take to the waves here. It is customary that the first person to ride a virgin wave gets to name it. Matt chose "Broken Hearts" because after recent relationship troubles the peeling right hand point break seemed like a good place to mend his.
  • A pensive Pat Millin on one of the many exploratory boat trips the crew took to find remote surf.
  • Cyrus Sutton, Alaia R&D. Alaias are shaped out of wood and made water tight with a sealant, so it's possible for Cyrus to fine tune the shape after riding them. The only tools necessary are a bit of sand paper and linseed oil.
  • Christian Wach, surfboard strapped to his back, soaks in the view of the beach below Hell's Peak.
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