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  • The Lofoten Islands, not your typical surfing backdrop.

  • Pat Millin and Christian Wach sail on "Lofotr," a replica of a 1,000-year-old Viking ship. The hull of the boat is filled with two tons of cobblestones for increased stability.

  • Batman, Robin, and Christian Wach. Norwegian street artist Pobel's rural street art of aging superheroes can be found in and on several abandoned buildings along the north coast of Norway.

  • Cyrus Sutton with his Alaia. Alaias are very thin wooden surfboards based on ancient Hawaiian designs that have been resurrected in recent years.

  • While looking for potential surf spots with the help of Ski-Doos, the crew hits a roadblock: melting snow. "Should've been here a month ago," said the local Ski-Doo dealer.

  • The Viking ship replica "Lofotr" sails out of Ballstad in Norway's Lofoten Islands.

  • The Island of Husoy, population 235, was until recent times only accessible by boat. It is now reachable via a series of tunnels and a breakwater from the island of Senja.

  • Murmansk, Russia, population 336,137, is the world's largest city north of the Arctic Circle.

  • This remote bay in northern Norway, population 20, was once isolated from the rest of the world during long winter months. A tunnel was built through the surrounding mountains in 1996.

  • Svartisen, Norway's second biggest glacier, visible on the flight from Oslo to Northern Norway.

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